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On: March 11, 2015 03:56 AM
Hi Jen, I was wondering if I could post a question to Tom McCook as I am unable to attend the day you are hosting Tom, unfortunately. Here's my question: I was wondering what have been the most surprising or significant changes he has noticed to his teaching from having studied the Franklin Method? I am hoping you may record a video with Tom either in conversation or perhaps he will be teaching something to add to your video library. At any rate, I vote to bring Tom back for a longer stay! Thank you, Amy
On: March 11, 2015 07:46 AM
Hi Amy, We hope to do an interview with Tom when he is here. We'll try to slip this question in.
On: August 16, 2015 07:30 AM
Did Tom answer this question requested from Amy? I would love to see/hear his thoughts if it was written or recorded? Thanks, Sarah
On: August 17, 2015 05:15 AM
Thank you for your question. There are many things that have changed in my teaching since beginning my study with the Franklin Method. It's been 12 years now. There are 3 years of training, each being 21 days in length usually over 6 months to a year time frame meeting for 3 separate 1 week modules. Year 1 is about applications of imagery and how the bones move, counter rotate absorb force 3 dimensionally, the ligaments, postural relationships, walking and a pedagogy of how to teach. Year two is the muscles and year 3 is the organs. The most significant changes in my teaching comes from a much clearer understanding of how our body is designed and learning through embodying it myself. I learned that you can use simple movements, touch and imagery to improve your posture, reduce tension levels, improve movement ability and well being. Learning anatomy topographically, which is to know where things are, the names of muscles and how they attach is a starting point. In the Franklin Method, you review and learn to understand the design, to sense, feel and practice a variety of categories of imagery on each area of the body with touch and movement. I learned a better way to create a learning environment where you interactively dose the material in layers. I developed a more useful understanding of the relationship between the mind and the body and how important it is to have that be part of our teaching for us to empower positive change. For me this has become the backdrop for all of my movement teaching. The Franklin Method helped me to look at and understand in a very practical sense, what we're doing all the time and how to do it better. What we're doing all the time is, related to gravity, moving, breathing, thinking and dreaming. In our studio we use the Franklin Method as an integral part of our teaching model for all of our classes and private sessions. I have found it makes it easier to teach students how to move better and how to get the most from the exercise sessions. I hope this is helpful. I wish you all the best and hope to see you at a live workshop sometime. Warmly, Tom
On: August 17, 2015 13:18 PM
Hi Tom, Thanks so much for sharing how the Franklin Method has influenced you and your approach to teaching! I myself went through Level 1 a while back (it was just about a year-long process when I went through). It was instrumental in transforming how I could relate teaching movement to a client's body, and to their mind. Some day in the future, perhaps I'll have the chance to go through the next levels (sigh - so little time, and so many juicy things to learn!). Loved this workshop! The format and progressions were built together so nicely. I've been wanting to take a workshop of yours - this is my first time learning with you - so I'm thrilled the folks at Fusion Pilates were able to host you online. Yes, I hope for an opportunity to meet you in live training too! Take care and thanks for the wonderful work that you do! Best, Sarah
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