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On: February 11, 2016 13:52 PM
I would be very grateful to learn tips for teaching side splits for clients that tuck the tailbone and in particular, clients with swayback. It seems, without any guidance, the further the client presses out, the more misaligned the posture becomes, whether in abduction or adduction. With guidance, it is still very difficult to achieve the full upright, properly aligned posture in even just a small pressed out position. As soon as you get one piece of the body in alignment, another other falls out. Ideally, I would love a few build up or starter exercises that the client can then translate to the splits series. A postural feeling that they can relate back as they build up to performing the splits series. Finally, I know this is a tall order but if possible, please try and demonstrate with a body that has swayback. Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!
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