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On: April 12, 2013 13:01 PM
Greetings! I am a fairly new instructor in a quandry. One of my clients like to talk . . . a lot. It is hard to interject cues and to keep the session flowing. How do I encourage her to focus on the work? I do not want to shut her down, and yet I want her to have a productive, worthwhile session. Any advice would be most welcome.
On: April 16, 2013 11:12 AM
Hi there Ashley! This can be such a hard situation to navigate. Many times these types of clients are so stuck in their head they have a very difficult time stopping the chatter and connecting to their body. Small steps are needed to start incorporating more movement into your session as to avoid shutting her down. First, figure out the reason why she came to you in the first place. By teaching and speaking to her goals, she will be able to personally connect to her progress and may listen and move more. Real life examples of how the work influences everyday life may be the type of information she needs to focus more. Also, I find with my clients that are a little chatty, we do a little release work or foam rolling to get them to feel their body. They will notice that there are vivid imbalances that need to be addressed in the session. From there you can take the reins, and teach what needs to be attended to. Also, know that some people don't get a lot of attention outside of the studio. So this may be her opportunity to chat it up with a kind listener. If I were you I would have a goal setting conversation, and share that you are so excited to share everything you know with her. This will help her to personally connect with the work, with maybe just a side of friendly conversation! Let me know how is goes! Good Luck! Much Love, Casey
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