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On: May 21, 2014 10:00 AM
Hi Jen & Casey , I love, love the Stretching on the reformer. What a great session and it feels so good. The organic stretch (modified from the Semi Circle - which I know Casey loves to do ) is such a wonderful feeling . Lengthening throughout the whole body and hanging but feeling safe. Many have a fear factor they need to ease through such as Elephant with some of my clients. Then the dow at the pelvis doing the leg lowers gives so much feed back to client. So many times clients tend to put the pelvis in several exercises but this is a good prop for client to feel how their pelvis moves . Normally, have clients use there hands to get feed back but with the dow I think gives more awareness too. Have used this same exercise on the Cadi too. The modified Eve's lunge is great feel the lengthen but awareness of the front and back of body. Many clients are only into the legs not thinking about front & back. Then with all the exercises slowing them down opens their eyes to there body. Thank- you, Thank-you. Love ya Vicky
On: May 21, 2014 14:30 PM
VICKY!! I am always glad to get feedback from you on the reformer apprentice program! I love how you make it your own. Keep sending all the ways you are making this work real and practical to all your clients. This is great. Love you, Jen
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