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On: July 30, 2015 15:05 PM
Thank you Tom for a wonderful workshop! I appreciated how you gave us a bit of anatomy first as well as explaining what the shoulder/spine is doing while performing a movement. Your attention to detail was terrific. There are so many pieces of movement to choose from using a variety of the equipment which provides us with a wealth of information! So far I have used the prone exercise on the foam roller. With your cues that I am using, my students are now figuring out how to lift the shoulder blades without going into the upper traps. I have also used the seated arms on the reformer and the kneeling hands on the wood on the reformer with the hip extension/arm flexion. Students are connecting great so I am thankful for all your information! Just finished the chair ones! The modified swan/push up I can't wait to try! Thanks again and I hope you will return to Fusion for another workshop!
On: July 31, 2015 10:24 AM
Dear Bonnie, Thank you for your message. I'm happy to hear you're taking the lessons back into your studio and applying it with your clients with good results! I think you will continue to find the combination of embodied anatomy followed by relevant exercises both insightful and very effective. Be well and do let me know if any questions come up. All the best, Tom
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