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On: March 07, 2014 08:21 AM
I'm looking for some suggestions on how to improve my scapular connection. In particular I'm having trouble on the long stretch. I know cues such as put your shoulders in your back pocket or plug in your shoulder blade. I think I am following the cues, but I can't seem to get my shoulders plugged in. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on visuals, cues, or exercises to try and find this connection. Thanks in advance for your help!
On: March 08, 2014 05:11 AM
Hi there Sarah! The long stretch exercise requires a ton of upper core stability to be able to effectively counter balance the long lever of the body to find easy, supported spinal articulation. I find that big picture cues like "pull your shoulders back" leave something to be desired also. And quite frankly that cueing isn't really what the body needs to do this exercise effectively! Because of our seated culture many people's pecs are extra tight and this keeps the humorous internally rotated towards the torso. Once the humorous is in this position, it created tension in the upper core that is counter productive to the exercise. And note it has nothing to do with the shoulder blades.... So I would focus on pectoral and serratus trigger point release first and fine tune the external rotation of the upper arm bone in the socket before trying this exercise again. Then once you have that down, practice using that in an easier exercise like the Supine Arm Series, and then on to Short Spine to really get the concept! Hope this helps! Much Love, Casey
On: March 08, 2014 10:31 AM
Casey, Thanks for the tips. Your explanation makes sense and your suggestions are helpful. I was beginning to get frustrated just trying to perform the exercise with little to no change in my shoulder girdle. I am currently enrolled in the apprentice program and have been enjoying learning more about release, not to mention how good it makes you feel :). You mentioned I should try release work for the pecs and serratus. Can I find exercises to release the pecs and serratus in any of the videos presented in the apprentice program? Also, when you mention supine arm work are you referring to reach and pull, arm circles, and tricep press? Any suggestions for timeline? If I focus on release work every day or every other day, do you have a rough estimate on how long it takes to improve the rotation of the humerus in the shoulder socket? I appreciate that each situation is unique, but was wondering if there are some general guidelines. Regards, Sarah
On: March 14, 2014 04:48 AM
Hi Sarah! These are all excellent questions. Some are easy to answer, others not so much! Let's dive in! Through out the apprentice program you will see some release work done to help free the shoulder girdle. And I would pay special attention to the section on scapular mobility and stability to see if you can pick up on any skill building techniques to refine your movement before jumping into a larger exercise. Also, in a matter of days we are launching a release work workshop on this site! It is the perfect way to learn about this essential core training technique. And it is LOADED with easy ways to experiment with release work and how it changes the body in movement. I highly recommend it! Now on to the more elusive question of timing... it is incredibly difficult for me to tell you how long it will take to see a change in your body. It all depends on where your compensatory patterning is holding you, as well as how much you are working on realigning your body as a whole. We have to remember that our body works as one, and that shifts in the upper core have to be accompanied by lower core to work to truly change. I go over these concepts in detail in the workshop. But what I can tell you is that it is best to do the work everyday, and the changes in your body with diligent practice will most likely be counted in months, not days. Good luck and keep up with skill building work to really see a shift! Much Love, Casey
On: March 14, 2014 16:28 PM
Casey, I really appreciate your input. I'll definitely checkout the release workshop. Can't wait!! Sarah
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