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On: December 17, 2014 19:25 PM
Hi there, love love all that you share! I have found that I frequently don't get thru the exercises I have planned for the often should I repeat teaching a class? Until all of the exercises are covered and I feel that my clients have a good handle? Do you revisit classes again to the same group ? How often do you switch equipment in a class? I love love the fantastic cueing. My mind is a sponge......thank you again? Terisha
On: December 18, 2014 19:16 PM
Hi there Terisha! I can totally sympathize with you! I so often have grand plans for a class and then poof! The hour goes by in a flash with having only gone through half of what I originally designed! I see this phenomenon as a good thing in teachers. It means they are not only leading the class, but also listening to the class' needs. This demonstrates that the instructor is being real with what needs to be explored skill wise, rather than feeling pressure to stick to a plan. When you are a beginner teacher, it is really nice to have a plan. But I find as time goes on, it is easier to be more intuitive with the curriculum process which teaches and challenges the clients and the issues that present themselves in that moment. Now as for themed classes, (which I love and believe to be a rich learning experience!) I tend to stick with a theme until the class has a good grasp of the concept . And that largely depends on who is in attendance and how consistent they are. Typically it is three to four classes before the clients can fully understand, sense, and feel some of the more subtle complex cues that Pilates is known for. After teaching for 12 years now, as a beginner teacher I taught a very classical, repetitive class structure. But not a days I rarely teach the same class twice. Now that doesn't mean that I don't repeat exercises or concepts. It just means that changing it up keeps me inspired, and my clients looking forward to something new and exciting each week. Not to mention this freedom allows me to push the movement framework forward as science unveils more about the human body than we ever knew before! Hope that helps! Much Love, Casey Marie Herdt
On: January 15, 2015 04:31 AM
I am a "Senior" Pilates instsructor at a ladies only gym here in Vero Beach, Fl. I have done several "themed classes" and termed them "Challenges". For the month of November it was the "Five Abdominals Challenge", and December we repeated the "Plank Challenge". For January, we are challenging our Legs, Butt, & Thighs. All of these challenges, of course, done keeping Pilates Principles in mind. The ladies love it - and some even practice at home ! I hope these ideas may inspire some of the other instructors who teach in a fitness center environment. Keep the balance ~ mind * body * spirit....Pam
On: January 15, 2015 05:34 AM
Hi Pam, Thank you so much for these inspiring suggestions. These are great ideas to get the clients really focused and excited about coming to class. Your love for the work really comes through. Wish I could attend one of your classes. Love, Jen
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