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On: January 09, 2016 05:58 AM
Hello! I would to thank you for the gift of the Chair Barrel Refresher Holiday Course ! It has a lot of great tips and helpful reminders about positioning and cueing. I appreciate how thorough the videos are in regards to content of exercise, seeing the exercises performed in real time , and the many screen pop ups that help clarify what is being said by the instructor in the class. My questions are in regards to the release work with the tennis ball. In working with the shoulder release work, for example, my clients find that they want to wiggle or be in motion , say, doing snow angel arms with the ball in the levator scapula area. Do you encourage complete relaxation? Or , is it ok to move in that kind of stretch? And, does Casey's Release Video that is available for purchase show exercises for the hips? The release work is having amazing results and I would love to learn more! Thank you. Amy
On: January 12, 2016 05:27 AM
Hi there Amy! So happy you are enjoying the gift! In regards to your release question, yes small gentle movements are encouraged on the ball as long as it is helpful in getting the tissue to relax and not get aggravated. I find that areas that are especially vivid are great to just sit on and work the breath until that feeling shifts. The key is in the release and not to wind the tissue back up. It's about yielding to the resistance of the ball in general. Both of my release work workshops focus time on the hips, especially my second workshop that's all about pelvi femur dynamics! Or you could come to Asheville Jan . 23rd and 24th and participate in my live Practical Release workshop!!! Much love, Casey Marie
On: June 15, 2016 18:30 PM
Just got through watching Practical Release and cannot wait to try it with my clients. I am anticipating a few of my clients giving up on the release work on the balls based on experiences I have had with them on foam rollers. They often complain how much it hurts, therefore they do not want to pursue. How do I get them over this? Also, is it possible for some bruising after the release work?
On: June 19, 2016 08:35 AM
Hi Tracy! Great questions! With clients that are resistant to do release work, it is of the upmost importance to let them know WHY. The release protocol isn't just about a cheap massage. It truly effects their whole body locomotive system, as well as their immunity! These areas that you are targeting helps to wake up dormant neurology, change pain patterns, and flush the tissue that has long held toxicity. I don't know anyone who isn't interested in that!? If you explain to them that their body can be likened to a computer in some ways... That to load new updates and programs, many times you have to clear the old ones first so you don't slow down the speed in loading! Funny to me but most people get that. The truth is, human brains are wired for survival, not thriving. It will do all the beautiful Pilates movement WITH their habitual movement muscle/tissue recruitment. And since we are looking for balance, alignment, and tissue fluidity in movement, release work comes primary. Prove it to them. Do one side lateral hip points. Then put their feet in straps and have them feel the difference! And as for the bruising... Remember no more than 90 seconds on the ball unless conduction small flossing movements. That should keep people in the safe zone. Use a softer ball with your tender clients or clients who are On medications that increase this chance. Bruising is very rare. Typically there isn't enough blood flow to do that, and it's just your neurology playing a bit of a trick on you. When tissue is tight and dehydrated, the propriocetors down regulate, and your nociceptors up regulate. In short, this means that the "pain" signal is the only signal it can eek out of the tissue! Hope that helps! In Happy Movement, Casey Marie Herdt
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