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On: August 11, 2013 11:26 AM
Hello Casey and Jen: I started my apprenticeship right away, after last weekend's reformer training. I have watched videos 1 and 2, and I started teaching the cues and props on breathing. My clients really felt the difference of their movements when incorporating new breathing patterns and enjoyed it. When I tried the exercise, hands on stratps, with the props to elevate head and shoulders and the overball between shoulder blades, two of my clients complained about lower back disconfort. I think that was the case for one of the clients on Jen's video as well and Jen fixed it, placing a towel under the client's lower back, I guess by the crease of the hip?. I tried the same but I didnt have enough towels and it didn't work so well for my clients. -What could have been wrong with my set up? I also have a couple of clients with really tight shoulders and I am focusing on the issue with them. This week I will try movement with the spiky balls under the shoulders as you suggested in a previous answer you gave me. -Is there anything else I can pair with it this week, to work on tight shoulder and slight Kyphosis? Thank you so much for your time. Have a wonderful week. Maria Mobert
On: August 11, 2013 17:25 PM
Hi Maria, We are so excited that you are jumping right into the apprentice online to retain what you learned in the live course and to keep adding on knowledge and refining your craft! Please keep at it. The Overball at the upper mid back is a challenging set up. I will give you the easiest fix and if that does not work let me know. Take some air out of the overball so that it is only half filled. It will still be challenging because of the wobbliness but this way it should be easier to organize the lower back. The towel under the lower back is a good idea too or just a blanket under the whole back of the pelvis and lower back so it brings the floor up a bit. Both of those options will make it easier to elongate the lower back especially when the head is down. Weeks 5 and 6 are all about upper core activation so you will have so much for your clients with shoulder and upper back imbalance. The Ribcage Washing is a great exercise and that is a featured video and article in week 5 and 6. Let us know what you decide to use. Love Jen
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