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On: July 14, 2012 22:42 PM
Help!! I know that my clients don't have proper form in a lot of the Pilates exercises they are doing. I want to slow them down, point out the misalignments, spend time on the subtler things but when i try i feel pressure b/c they are not " working hard enough".
On: July 22, 2012 20:16 PM
This is a constant theme and many Pilates trainers struggle with this. The foundation of our work is the training of the local, endurance muscles so that they protect us as we fire our global system and move. The training of the core , local structure is brain work and it requires that the client hone the skill of paying attention. This work can be intense in its own way and can lead to a lot of " lightbulb" moments for your clients. If you work hard at imparting these very important concepts and the client starts to take them on they will start to feel better in their bodies and they will start to become strong from the inside out and able to handle the bigger choreography without hurting themselves.
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