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On: April 17, 2013 11:06 AM
I have a client who has a hip replacement on left & has replaced knee on right leg. He's 70 . He reminds me of an army sargent , broad chest & rib cage, sternum lifted...actually feels hard. He plays golf & use to be a football star thru high school & college. He is a lawyer but slowly going into retirement but doesn't seem to be rushing. Had my 1st session yesterday.. worked on breathing & dropping sternum. Then worked on clamming, did single leg knee fold, flossing psoas, footwork with spike & footwork with ankles.. He uses a Cain & works with to the right leg. He thought he had a dislocated elbow. Was working some shoulder release with spike and I heard a crack from elbow.
On: April 18, 2013 07:06 AM
Just an update on the client. I think Tuesday when I heard the elbow pop gave me " oh" My moment. The dislocated elbow has been relocated and the client feels the best he has ever felt. My concerns were on him and questions to ability to handle the client with many health problems. I've done more homework and feel better about working with the client. Doing Side lying abduction, small leg circles and working with feel & heels. Doing lots of stretching. Used the Eric Franklin method on the shoulder and what you taught us with the arm softly extending out and drawing in and the L shape elbow lowering to hip and drifting back to across the ear . Doing this a few times reset the elbow . Never felt anything like this before so it alarmed me. What a learning experience and so glad I have kept up with continuing education. Thank you Jen and Casey.
On: April 23, 2013 21:42 PM
Hi there Vicky! My advice to you is to keep the range of motion small, with a focus on alignment based movement. What it sounds like your client needs is balanced muscle activation to help his deeply engrained compensatory patterns unwind. When a client has multiple surgeries, it is imperative to really look at how the whole body shares the work at all times. Over focusing on one aspect of the mechanics of the body can leave other areas vulnerable and open to issues. A holistic approach to having the body always share the work will greatly aid in the client's healing and recuperation. The equipment is wonderful tool to help the client feel and communicate with their body in a new and different way. With a hip and knee replacements, the reformer is especially useful to bring about balanced muscle effort that directly benefits gait and standing posture. It sounds like you are on the right track with your client! As you better get to know him and his issues, the path to take will unfold. Stay focused, curious, and in the moment. He is lucky to have you!
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