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On: February 26, 2013 00:55 AM
Hi I have just been watching your prenatal DVD. A wonderful flowing sequence. However I wanted to ask if you thought the squats with the pole (3rdtrimester)would be good for an older client with lumber stenosis? I have been working with her for over a year now and each week is different in what we can do but obviously as forward flexion is out I just watched this and thought WoW I think this might well work in getting some movement and having the pole is a marvel! It provides support, confidence and belief. Anyone else have some pointers in dealing with stenosis?
On: February 26, 2013 18:42 PM
Hi Michaela, I think this is a brilliant idea. Any functional movement training you can do for your stenosis clients is going to really benefit their ability to manage pain. Practicing standing and sitting with the support of the dowel and the inner corset on and supporting them through their breath cycles is a wonderful skill to hone. The dowel will help them to connect into their midback and through the breath they will be able to synchronize the work of their upper and lower core. The cueing of their inner corset will help them to elongate their lumbar spine without closing the sitting bones. Try to incorporate other exercises that help them get strong and smart for everyday activities like getting out of bed and standing on uneven ground or on one leg. Great work. You sound like a very smart and dedicated teacher. Your clients are lucky! Jen
On: February 27, 2013 05:42 AM
Hi there Michaela and Jen! This is such a fantastic observation and question. I feel like more and more clients are walking in our doors with this type of issue, and it is vital that we help them with tools to address their pain. Here are some thoughts that I had on the subject... First with this type of pain, it makes it very hard to explore varied ranges of motion on a consistent basis. As you said Michaela, every time you see this client, their ability to move is different. So what I suggest is look at what is consistent in her body and speak to that. The one thing that you KNOW she is doing everyday is breathing! And this is key. When the body is in pain, the connective tissue matrix goes into a habitual holding pattern. And in the first few moments this pattern may be helpful in avoiding a movement that may be detrimental in range. But, the problem arises when this excess tension has no way to "turn off" or let go after the danger is over. It is like she is carrying a coat of armor into all movements, when she might only need it 15 percent of the time. Here is where the breath comes into play. With the beautiful up and down movements of the diaphragm from the inside of the ribcage, and the added nervous system release from the breath, your client can begin to chip her way out of this shell that her body has built around her. Think of the breath as a gentle pump that creates a warming of the tissues of the core membranes. Focusing on the rhythm between the respiratory and pelvic diaphragms will enliven the torso, and help to decompress the spine and create some axial elongation. At the beginning of your sessions try starting out with deep belly breathing. Think of this like she is clearing the space to move into her body. She should feel the gentle undulations of the spine, the wave that is created by the intake and release of air. Sighs of relief are encouraged as it helps to get the bones of the skeleton to react to the inner movements of the diaphragm. Once that is established, and the body is in a state of ease and relaxation, then you can cue a more stability based breath with core activation. But watch that your client doesn't go back into full armor mode. Core activation and true stability is all about only using what you truly need, and staying soft else where. From this place of softness and strength, you can then build into more movement based exercise with a little more freedom in the connective tissue instead of butting up against the external armor. I would also give your client this breath sequence as homework to do everyday as a way to connect into themselves and find easier movement outside of the studio. I hope this helps out, and let us know how it goes!
On: September 22, 2014 18:08 PM
There are several prenatal dvds, which one has squats with the pole?
On: September 24, 2014 10:23 AM
HI ALESIA, Thanks for the question. These squats are in the Mat for pregnancy dvd's. Let us know if you have any more questions. Jen
On: September 24, 2014 10:28 AM
More info on the Mat Programs at:
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