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On: December 20, 2013 06:01 AM
After taking the Pre/Post Natal course I had a couple of questions... 1. About releasing the foot with a reflex ball Is there any place, which we shouldn't massage during the pregnancy? 2.Recently many people are getting infertility treatment and in vitro fertilization. How are you careful to teach them in the session ? Are there points we should pay attention to, could you let me know please - thank you!
On: December 20, 2013 06:04 AM
The areas we need to avoid doing deep work on are the inner thighs and the arms. Too much deep, trigger point work could cause problems in these areas. It is rare but it could cause a blood clot. As far as the foot , stay away from the pressure point on the inside of the ankle( the side of the achilles tendon and below the medial maleolus. There is also a pressure point in the upper shoulder ( suprispinatus) that we need to avoid. Both of these pressure points can cause the uterus to contract. If a client is having trouble conceiving mild to moderate exercise is recommended. Studies of the right amount of exercise for conception are very scarce but - but keeping it to no more than 4 hr a week of aerobic exercise makes sense. More aerobic exercise can lead to a low level of body fat. Optimal body fat for a woman wanting to conceive is 20% of her body weight at least. Women that are going through In Vitro are taking a great deal of medication that can cause side effects such as Abdominal bloating, headaches, breast tenderness and nausea. These women will also go through a number of invasive procedures which will take a toll on them physically and mentally. Only low impact exercise is recommended during this time. The ovaries may become enlarged from the fertility medications and high impact exercise may put one at risk for Ovarian torsion, where the ovary can twist on itself. As far as clients doing Pilates when going through in vitro you should treat them as a first trimester pregnant client even if they do not know if they are pregnant yet. In this early stage of in vitro there is always a chance of miscarriage. Concentrate on core training principles. Breath work, core activation through breath, posture and orientation skills, birthing postures and joint mobility.
On: May 15, 2015 15:44 PM
Jennifer, I do not know if this is at all related to pre/post natal work, but I have a friend who recently had a miscarriage and is feeling alot of pain/waves of pain. I have been told this is very common for about 10 days post. Is there any release work or other Pilates mat work that might help to relieve some of her pain? Thank you, Colleen Nolan
On: May 17, 2015 14:53 PM
Hi Colleen, It is great to hear from you. Yes, this is very common. Breath work ( without tension) in well supported positions ( lots of props so the body can relax) is best. Pairing this with warm SmartSpine application on areas that are most vivid and asking her to fill those areas with her breath from the inside is the key. You can of course use a warm rice sock or a heating pad if you do not have the SmartSpine products. After she has surrendered to a body position and breath cycle you can ask her to do very subtle body movements. All of the above work will help to key down her nervous system and will help her body come online once more. Everything has been disrupted and she just needs a still point again. Love Jen
On: May 18, 2015 05:14 AM
Thank you Jen!
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