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On: March 16, 2014 14:59 PM
Hi, I have got a post natal pilates question. I have one client who got a baby nearly a year ago. Her doctor told her that she has a muscle separation and she wont be able to repair it until she finished having more children. My client told me that every time she does Pilates she gets a swelling in her belly. Is she allowed to continue with pilates now or is it better to wait until the problem is resolved. I stopped teaching her a while ago as I got worried if she can really continue with Pilates. I would appreciate if you could help? Many thanks! Jelena
On: March 18, 2014 17:25 PM
Hi Jelena, I am so glad you asked this question. There is a lot she can do and she should not ( in my humble opinion) wait until after she is through having babies. By that time she will have unraveled her insides to such a great degree that she will have to have it surgically repaired.( I am only making an educated guess since I do not have this client in front of me). The separation of the rectus is not at all an isolated muscle problem. It is a whole system problem. It is literally an unraveling from within. If this fascial loosening is allowed to continue it usually results in back and pelvic pain and loss of range of motion, normal function and overall vitality. The good news is as a pilates teacher you have all the tools to help her if you are well schooled in your foundational principals. It is Core Training before Core strengthening . This means that the breath and the body must be communicating. Core training is brain work. This work will help your client to find her true center again and work from the inside out. If you feel like you need an update on Core training teaching skills, I recommend our refresher program. Probably start with the mat. I also am going to be filming a workshop on how to work with the post natal mom within the year. Keep us updated. Love, Jen
On: March 21, 2014 14:05 PM
Hi Jen, Thank you so much for your nice and encouraging email! I really appreciate it! Also thank you for explaining everything properly and letting me know that there are refresher courses out there if I feel stuck. My client and I are very grateful for your response. I will definitely keep my eyes open for refresher courses for core training. Best wishes, Jelena
On: March 21, 2014 16:21 PM
Hi Jenna - Here's the refresher link for you to check out: Refresher Program: and here's Jen's Pre & Post Natal Program: or check out the course descriptions at: Cheers! angelo
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