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On: February 27, 2015 12:08 PM
I am thrilled/excited beyond words! I am a Pilates Dork and I have been waiting for Jen & Casey to get this show together!! I will be an avid participant and watcher so bring it on! Currently, I am working through some pelvic clocking, poodle movement--specifically more/better cues for finding that neutral soup bowl that we all are trying to convey to our classes/clients. If it is just something I need to gain more experience on then please don't waste anytime. If there is some legitimate advice to offer I am all ears and eyes if this happens to land on the Pilates Show! Love the after show fun with Jen and her trying to be "less sexy" as Angelo directed her.
On: February 27, 2015 13:34 PM
Hi Michelle! We are excited and thrilled also! Angelo has an enormous amount of out takes and antics from our filming... I am sure he will leak them out as he sees fit! As for your question... it is always important to dive deeper into foundational concepts, especially ones like neutral pelvis and spine! I mean, it is what we talk about all day long, right!?! I love this question! Getting the pelvis to freely move on the femur heads unimpeded, and then to arrive at a clear easy neutral is a cornerstone Pilates principle. Refining it via cueing, imagery, and propping are the best ways to help people understand. Try pelvic clocking with the pelvis on a mikasa ball, using the ball as a fulcrum for movement. This helps to teach baseline movement concepts and femur glide while beautifully supported and aligned. After that then bring them into four point kneeling, and have them emulate that same movement just in a different place in gravity! By linking these concept together they will have the perfect opportunity to arrive at a neutral pelvis. Then challenge that alignment with something like a knee hover exercise! Thats a little bit of info before we put it into live action! Keep the questions coming! Much Love, Casey Marie
On: March 11, 2015 18:16 PM
Jen, This is a question after watching advice on getting down to floor, and different sitting positions. I have never been able to sit "Indian style", my knees will not fall open, and it hurts if they are forced. No matter how I have worked on release in that area, it has never changed. Would it be OK to sit up on several pillows or blanket, so hips are higher than knees? And question on Casey's show. If you have a large mat class, can you kneel over a chair, use ball under soft tissue, and dangle the arm , holding the weight? Does this make sense? Thank you! Both of you did a terrific job! Ginger
On: March 11, 2015 18:54 PM
Hi Ginger, It is great to hear from you! We are so excited about the show and love all of your feedback. It means the world to us. Please use as much propping as you need to feel comfortable on the floor. You want it to be enjoyable. You also want to build slowly on how much time you spend on the floor. Don't go from 0 to 100 in one sitting. Maybe start with 10 minutes a day the first week and build to 15 minutes a day the next week. Have you checked out Philip Beach's workshop on our site? Lots of great insight on these floor postures. You would really enjoy. Sometimes we use the sitting box in group classes to do the Great Dane Ball position at the front of the chest/ Pec area that Casey demonstrates on The Pilates Show. But what we cannot do is recreate the traction that she is getting by doing it off the side of the cadillac. You could theoretically do it during a group class but would need to have high enough tables or chairs to create that traction. Let us know what you come up with. Love Jen
On: March 11, 2015 19:41 PM
Thank you for your quick response...will try the props for sitting! And I have to taken Philip Beach's workshop. Will have to check it out for sure! I have followed you and Casey for the last 2 years since I certified for Mat in Charlotte. I have learned more in 2 years than my total 14 years of doing Pilates.. Read a lot of books, and watched lots of videos! Thank you! All the best, Ginger
On: March 13, 2015 06:15 AM
Ginger! We love it! You are the embodiment of never stop learning! Keep it going and always let us know about your new fascinations and curiosities within the work! Much Love, Casey Marie
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