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On: April 18, 2019 01:57 AM
Ok I may be premature in asking this question as I have not finished the workshop yet so sorry if that is the case! I just watched Chantill teaching James via Training vs. Facilitating. My question is James is very aware of his body and what he is feeling, but how would you work with someone who has a lack for body awareness or is a new student; or, just trying to bring more facilitating into your teaching environment when students haven’t been asked these types of questions. I’m thinking it would just start very basic and start to build your questions on what students give as responses to get them to become more aware. I’ve been starting to ask my students more of these where are you feeling it; is it a pleasant feel, what did you like about what you just did. I’m just finding this workshop so informative as I never knew where to go once I asked these questions. I felt limited in knowing how to keep the dialog going. For instance if I asked what felt good about what they just did and they answered “my spine felt more lengthened” , but then it would end there and I’d say great! Ha! So thank you for this wonderful, informative workshop as it is helping me to see my next steps to progress facilitating teaching! Love you guys!
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