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On: July 19, 2012 21:41 PM
How can I get more men more hooked on Pilates and into my studio? Seems like Pilates is seen as more of a workout for women and many men shy away from it. In our studio they will try it but b/c it doesn't feel like a typical work out they don't seem to get it...
On: July 26, 2012 08:46 AM
Men in the Pilates studio is a very natural thing. And seeing that the repertoire was in fact built for soldiers, the male physique and how to maintain it is at the work's core. Long gone are they days where people believe that only ballet dancers inhabit the studio. Although many of our male clients come to the studio through influence of their significant other, we have found that our male clientele are some our most loyal, consistent clients. It seems to me that men love the mechanical, logical applications of the method. Teaching them exercises, and how they directly affect how the different facets of their lives helps to make the work assessable even to those without classical movement background. I cannot tell you how many times talk turns to an easier golf swings or better running when working on the equipment. And with the prevalence of back pain, and a myriad of other orthopedic issues that comes from using your body for a number of years, Pilates is more like a maintenance or "tune up" for daily life. In our studio we have found that creating classes for men has helped get them into the group dynamic more. This helps them to stay motivated, and share some easy camaraderie. Men are a large part of our client base, and they can be the same for you. By linking the exercises to daily life, the male client will soon see and feel the many benefits that our female clients have known about all along.
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