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On: January 23, 2014 13:36 PM
Hello Jennifer and Angelo,Thank you so much for this forum. It is so nice and easy to look for information .! I am opening My studio in 2 weeks and I am now looking into the different software (Mindbodyonline, Perfect Mind) but also at accounting tools. What is your experience? what tool is easy and helpful for you? I have looked at quickbooks as an accounting tool. ANy recommendation on what is the best way to avoid spending hours on administrative tasks to allow me do what I love? I would love to know what is working for you. Thank you so much, Warm Regards, arigatogozaimasu 有賀とございます 
On: January 23, 2014 15:34 PM
Hi Valerie, We are not accountants or management experts and you should definately consult your own professionals. These are just our opinions and should only be taken as such. We are not qualified to instruct you on how to set up your business. Quickbooks is probably the best accounting software out there. It also has a pretty steep learning curve. But once you get it - it will make your life much easier and you'll definately thank yourself for putting in all of the hard work at tax time. Obviously it's better to set up everything correctly the first time rather than to have to go back and redo it in a year. There are also ways to get MindBody and Quickbooks to work together. But again - it's a learning curve and it all takes lots of time to get set up the way you want it. There are ways to be efficient and you'll come up with particular processes that work for you and your situation. Honestly - there is no way to avoid spending hours on administrative tasks. (If anyone out there knows a secret - please let us in on it!) This is just something that comes along with owning a small business. The only way around it would be to hire a professional accountant to take care of it for you. For many - it's probably worth the cost to put this work on someone else. But it's not cheap and I wouldn't recommend spending any money you don't have to when you're opening a brand new business. It will take a few months just to see where you're at. Maybe after a half a year you'll find that you have the extra money to put into that. Hope this helps a little.
On: January 30, 2014 12:19 PM
Hi, changed from MindBody to FrontDeskHQ - it doesn't have quite as many functions, but the service is incredible and I can "drive" it with ease. I use an accountant which is a huge expense, but worth every penny as I don't have to worry about a thing - she has got me using LiveAccounts and it mostly does all of the work for me. Good luck with your new studio!
On: February 02, 2014 11:56 AM
Here's something else that I've just started using. There's a free version of it and it's a great and easy way to categorize all of your income and expenses so that when it's tax time - you have an easy way to do your schedule c. Great to hear there's an alternative to MindBodyOnline…
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