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On: April 20, 2017 06:28 AM
Hey Everyone, I have recently encountered something that I've never considered before and I would love anyone's input on the topic. I teach several mat classes around the Boone/High Country area. Last week I had a little person attend my class. I spoke with him about knowing his own limitations and being his own first person expert with what feels okay on his body. With that being said...does anyone have any experience with the mat work and dwarfism? He seemed to enjoy the class and has come back again this week. I want to take responsibility for my teaching and don't want to put him in a position that could cause him any harm. Any advise or input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jennah Starr
On: May 01, 2017 16:02 PM
Hi Jennah, I asked my long time friend and Amazing Pilates instructor, Sheri Katz, about your question. When Sheri and i worked together a zillion years ago she had a similar client to yours. Below is her response: "my client was a mixed bag of scoliosis extreem hip and knee degeneration foot issues all that comes with that I was such a new teacher when she came to me I dealt with each thing as we went along by modifying and propping most of the work we did was on equipment because she needed so much support.It sounds like this person is doing mat work in a class and if her client is highly functional cue them as needed prop them as needed and let them roll with the class " It sounds like you should just keep it simple and be on the lookout to really support his body and movement with props whenever needed. Love you Jen
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