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On: April 09, 2014 16:30 PM
Hi, I want to thank you and Lesley for the wonderful video workshops. I have viewed all of them and find the information extremely helpful. I recently watched the scapular revolution workshop twice already! I take notes as I watch the videos, but I would love to have the option to be able to view these videos at any time in the future. I really wanted to re-watch her other workshops but time expired. So bummed! Is there any way to have these videos available for viewing at all times? It is a shame not to have this information available for reference and a refresher. Thanks again for this wonderful learning experience! Bonnie Lafave
On: April 10, 2014 13:45 PM
Hi Bonnie, Thank you so much for your kind words. We love Lesley! Yes- this is something we've been struggling with since we started the site. The idea of Forever Access is one we've had lots of conversations about here - and we have tested it with our Pre & Post Natal Protocol content: The issue we're up against is the cost of hosting the videos for streaming. It's sort of like an electric meter- every time someone streams a video, that's bandwidth being used, which has costs. Most sites are subscription based- which means there's a continuing stream of income to cover those costs. But we wanted to avoid having members pay monthly so that they can have access to all of our free content - and pick and chose what they'd like to purchase - or have the choice to just enjoy the free stuff. We can't figure out a way to offer forever access without entering into that subscription model. We also try to price the workshops so low - that it's not out of the question for folks to purchase multiple times if they wish. Another option that we have - is to charge the initial price for the workshop - and then give the option to keep the content at some sort of nominal monthly fee. But this gets a bit complicated. Or- we've thought about having two options- one price for access that expires - and a higher price for forever access. We're open to suggestions and would love to know what folks want. We're constantly making changes based on user input- and we definitely want everyone's input!
On: July 08, 2014 05:50 AM
I too prefer a longer access. I purchased two Leslie Powell workshops and both have expired. Now I need to repurchase, which could get expensive on a repeat basis. I'd much rather pay more up front and not have to worry about it. The expiration has definitely kept me from purchasing more workshops from this site.
On: July 08, 2014 06:30 AM
Hi Alesia, Thanks so much for the feedback. This is something we've struggled with from the start and we continue to look for solutions. I wanted to share some of our thoughts so that you and other members can chime in - and help us find a way to develop and implement something that will work for everyone. Here's the way we thought about it when we first started the site. If you were to go to a live workshop featuring any of our instructors - the price would be much higher than what our workshops cost. And it would only last those few hours- with no chance to pause, rewind and rewatch. For $19 or $24, (or whatever) we feel like the access times are very long. In a live workshop, students have a few hours of access. In ours- there is often months. But like a live workshop - the expectation is to take the workshop, take notes, and walk away with the knowledge. But like you say - I think there is definitely a different expectation with online education. The issue is - bandwidth. Every time a page is accessed or a video is streamed - there are costs for hosting and bandwidth. So at a certain point - it becomes impossible to allow continuing access just from a financial standpoint. Most websites offering educational material like ours operate on a subscription basis - where there are monthly fees - and then usually additional costs for certain workshops (which often still expire after a certain period). We really didn't want to be a subscription site- because we wanted all of the content we offer for free to be available to anyone and everyone, and we wanted to only charge fees for additional educational workshops our members could chose to take advantage of - or not! Anyway - we really didn't want to be a subscription site. One idea that has been floating around - is to give two different options for each course. The first option - is as is. A low set price with access for x number of months. And then a second option - which would be a yearly subscription to that workshop - where members would pay the workshop price of x dollars, and then once the normal access time was over- they would be billed a yearly fee to keep access. That way they could build a library of workshops to have in their My Content section that they could come back to whenever they wished. And if they decided they no longer wanted it at some point in the future - they could cancel the subscription to that workshop. Would that be something that would work for you? There are some technical issues that we're working through - but this is the idea that seems to solve most of the problems. We'd love to have your feedback and to get some feedback on what an option like this might be worth to you on a yearly basis. Thank you again - our goal in life is to have this site evolve with our members wishes at the top of the list. We appreciate it!
On: October 13, 2014 10:53 AM
With the option to keep your "classes" on a yearly basis makes for a great experience. I think the price is very fair! I can't wait to have a class reflecting what Jen learned on Fascia! So many people don't even understand what that is! Thanks for all you do!
On: October 13, 2014 12:36 PM
Thanks Ginger- hope to have something for you soon!
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