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On: January 23, 2014 12:52 PM
Hi Any tips for working with someone with one leg longer than the other? It is related to a hip replacement. Thanks!
On: January 29, 2014 18:18 PM
Hi there Joy! This is an excellent question. First of all there are many reasons a client can have a leg length discrepancy. This can be very common for those who have undergone joint replacement surgery as your client has done. First and foremost start with aligning the pelvis and the spine. No matter what is going on with the leg length, this will greatly help your client to decompress the spine and pelvis to create as close to neutral functional alignment as possible. This is essential because walking on a true difference in leg length can be very detrimental to the alignment of the whole body. This causes great pain and habitual compensatory movement patterns. Using props like the SmartSpine products will help your client to orient themselves in space to create a smarter awareness of how to carry themselves. Once you have your clients set up in an easy, neutral spine and pelvic position, you can then add a bit of a towel or pad under the shorter leg to help to reinforce equal femur pressure into the pelvis. But you will find that sometimes taking care of the spine and pelvis first will help to even out the legs in general. Also, joint replacement surgeries are often partnered with lots of scar tissue that can lock bones in specific movement patterning. Working with the bone rhythms of the body will help to return natural and subtle joint articulation which is much needed in this case. The reformer is wonderful for propping the body where it is needed to help create an environment of equilibrium and stability which the body is craving. Also single leg work with springs or straps will help build strength and awareness bilaterally which is excellent for clients, especially in this case. Any gait work is crucial for your clients with joint replacements. It improves their quality of life immensely. I hope this gets your wheels turning! Thanks for the great question! Much Love, Casey
On: January 30, 2014 05:48 AM
Thanks Casey -Very helpful
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