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On: September 02, 2014 04:47 AM
Hello! I have been working with a client who has moderate Kyphotic-lordodic posture. I have been working with her on thoracic mobility/scapular stability and trying to open up the chest while brining improvement to pelvic and lumbo stability. I feel like I might be missing something on how to bring more improvement to her posture. We have been working consistently for six months and while I do see some muscle tension surrender I feel I need some guidance on how to better work with her. Any suggestions? Kindly, Alli
On: September 02, 2014 12:10 PM
Hi there Alli! I would absolutely work first and foremost with heavy release work. She should be doing this type of work as homework too. The areas that I would focus on would be her lateral hips, TFL/quads, and front of the chest and pec areas. Also a place that I would really work on and pay attention to is the overuse of her obliques while trying to access her TA recruitment. This is very common in this type of posture and it is essential that you get her to start to stretch out her abdominal cavity via belly breath and release work. Then I would work her with a heavily supported neutral spine and pelvis (the smartspine pillow is amazing for this!) so she can learn to relax into the posture you want her body to recognize as home base. But if you just force her into "place" without this support it will only build more tightness. So pillow up her head, and give her support under her lumbar spine, every time! Also remember that it took her her whole life to reinforce this posture... and six months isn't that long of a time in the grand scheme of things if you compare the amount of hours spent in the studio verses the amount of time she spends moving in her posture without thinking. To take your time with this. There is so much rich learning to do in this process! Release work really is a major game changer. Our clients bodies have absolutely transformed from this type of consistent work in the studio. Heck, I even grew 3/4 in an inch from it! That's measured progress! For more details on this type of work, check out my Practical Release Work workshop online. It will show you the theories and the in's and out's of how to teach it. Good luck! Take Care, Casey Marie Herdt
On: September 05, 2014 12:50 PM
Thanks so much Casey!! Great advice and I appreciate the direction! I have completed your release work workshop. I loved it and reference it often when teaching. I will do further research on your suggestions and the best ways to implement them with this client and others. Kindly, Alli
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