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On: May 23, 2012 13:06 PM
Hi - I am having a hard time keeping private clients in this economy. They all want to move to mat classes. How can i convince them that Privates really [I]are[/I] worth the money? (we all know they are anyway...) Many Thanks ~P
On: July 22, 2012 20:15 PM
Marie Jose always told us that the training she was giving us was recession proof, as long as the teacher really took the time to embody and master the teaching skills. You must give the client something that they cannot get on their own or in a group class. You must make the private session worth the money and valuable to the client. One important way of doing this is giving them exercises , cues and imagery that they can bring out of the studio. Movement that impacts a client in their daily life and makes them feel easier in their body and more connected is of great value . In private sessions you must work very hard to tailor the session to the client in front of you and give them specific cues and exercises to address what is happening in their body.
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