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On: November 07, 2017 19:01 PM
1)If someone has plantar fasciitis or a history of plantar fasciitis would this work tend to "light it up?" Is there anything special that you would do for this population on the jumpboard? I have a client who had a pin removed from her big toe but she is not able to flex this toe easily. As a massage therapist, I have provided her with some manual therapy that has increased her ROMa and decreased her discomfort. She does do jumpboard and because she has a true leg length discrepancy, she wears a shoe on that foot-so it is even further padded. 2) Other than onset of. pain, are there any other signs or precautions I should be aware of and look out for for these clients? I am not sure that I can do the "toe flicking" piece with this latter client, but I know that she would be willing to try it...on a very light spring..... 3) lastly, what about neuropathy...any contraindications for clients with neuropathy using the jumpboard....? Thank you so much Sincerely, Terisha '
On: November 14, 2017 17:25 PM
Hi Terisha, It is so good to hear from you. Before I go into detail are you asking about Jump board in general or is there a specific video you are referring to on our site? Love Jen
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