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Elizabeth G_750
On: April 28, 2015 08:12 AM
Hi Jen and Casey! I just finished watching the neutral spine movement principle and had a question. Jen made it clear in the video that most clients need to gently imprint to perform exercises like hundreds or lever challenges where the legs are extended. What is confusing for me is I have never actually done it this way. I have done the majority of my mat classes with Amy D and she always encourages me to stay neutral for these exercises. Since that is how I first learned to do them, that is how I always do them! First - I know I need to try it with the imprint in front of one of you to make sure I am getting it right. Second I am wondering how to tell which direction to send someone in - how do I know if it is best for their body to do these exercises in neutral? I will definitely ask Amy how she made the assessment for me. I know to watch for the anterior pelvic tilt to tell if someone is doing something too challenging in neutral...but I imagine they might able to keep the neutral spine "looking" correct, but be gripping in a counterproductive way when imprinting might be a better option (This might be true about me lol). Thanks and I hope this question makes sense.
On: April 29, 2015 05:08 AM
Hi Elizabeth, Great question. I think when you are in the live training with me this weekend this will start to make more sense and I will assess if you are staying in neutral while in an AB curl. Especially in an exercise like full 100's. Not many people can honestly do this well. If they are keeping the pelvis neutral in an exercise like the 100 ( Ab curl and the weight of the long legs) they are probably doing it to the detriment of their thoracic flexion and therefore taking it in the neck and upper traps and over working the muscles ( deep and superficial) around their lumbar spine. For most of us learning to find a easy, natural imprint when going into these types of movements and exercises is a very good thing. Some teachers may cue try to stay in neutral b/c they know this might even the scales and that a client will avoid such a big gluteal squeeze and jamming their lower back into the mat. I think this ultimately will be confusing. I think to explain to the client how to find an effortless imprint when appropriate and the difference in feeling ( what tissues engage) in a neutral and imprinted spine is an important lesson. Also very important to know how to effortlessly transition from one position to the other. A responsive, supple spine is a joy!
On: July 27, 2019 04:59 AM
Hi everybody, I also am watching this workshop and learning its wonderful contents. My question is really simple: in the scooping required to stay in imprinted spine, do glutes and hamstrings participate a little bit or not at all? Thanks a lot
On: July 28, 2019 08:40 AM
Hi Sara - To find an imprinted spine the least amount of force and gripping should be employed. imagine that you are just bones ( no muscles) and wheel your self into lumbar flexion. There will be a bit of engagement in glutei and hamstrings but try to minimize this.
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