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On: July 31, 2013 07:01 AM
Hi Jen After MJ's pelvis workshop in June, I was left with a question re: what is an imprinted spine for a spine that needs toweling up while in neutral? Is bringing the floor to the spine concept similar to imprinting? My own experience is that I need the towel support while in neutral because as it was explained to me, one should not be able to touch their fingers together while sliding underneath the lumbar spine. Is an imprinted spine just a deepening of a neutral spine? Thank you for your time, Amy
On: July 31, 2013 08:37 AM
Hi Amy, The small towel under the lumbar spine is to restore or support the natural lumbar curve. Because the body meets demand a open, flexed or imprinted feeling in the lumbar spine becomes the norm and we lose a sense of the natural lumbar curve. Building the floor up to support this curve helps the body to find its home space again. The idea is that after working with the prop of the towel you can someday work without it once the body has remembered its original GPS. The body should be able to easily go out of home and into imprint or side bending etc but it should be able to find its way back home. An imprinted position is an elongation and a filling up of the lumbar curve. For most this will bring the tissue of the lumbar spine to the floor. But this is not a forceful action . The imprint is done through the breath and a lengthening and broadening of the tissue. If done with the right quality the sitz bones will remain wide even as the lumbar tissue kisses the floor. If you are using a towel support for a client there is no need to take it out when asking them to imprint. Without the towel they will collapse into their lumbar spine while imprinting. With the towel support they can imprint , pull apart and lengthen all at the same time . Eventually the body will learn how to support itself with ease and the towel can be taken away. I hope this helps. Love Jen
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