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On: November 24, 2015 15:36 PM
Great - I just watched the imbalance corrections video - Nov 24/15 (ON the machine). I will try this. But - any special hints when the imbalance seems to be coming from the sacrum - the SI joint and hips etc area, such that even knee height (for sitting or lying on this or other) is way off ?? The painful hip (left) side is the one with the high knee ... but the other side (though it works a little better) is very tight and smaller. Any insights ? Thanks Mary566
On: November 26, 2015 10:58 AM
Hi Mary, Thanks for writing in. The knee height difference is a big,obvious sign of imbalance in the pelvis / sacrum. In the video you watched I placed a smartspine wedge under her heavier ( left) side of her pelvis. It was smallish on her but her right side is lifted and therefore the right knee a bit higher than the left. By propping under the left side it brings weight into her right side pelvis and sacrum and will help to even the knee height discrepancy. This will also equate to the right femur head finally finding the back of the hip socket ( being slurped in). It is typical to have the pain on that lighter/ high knee side but it is not a given. The tissues around this lighter/ unweighted side are usually bound up and there is not much disassociation of movement happening around the joints of the leg and pelvis. So there are a lot of benefits to this simple propping of the heavy side of the pelvis especially during footwork on the reformer. For more on propping with the Smartspine products please check out Marie Jose's Teach and Treat online workshop on our site. It is awesome. Love Jen
On: November 26, 2015 13:24 PM
Thanks Jen - I'm still a bit confused. The heavier (heftier? and more sore) left side for me ... I WILL try a wedge under - to move the weight more to my smaller tighter right side . BUT - the left IS the one with the higher knee etc - so not sure if it fits your description.
On: November 26, 2015 18:53 PM
Hi Mary, When you are supine and you place the heel of your hands on your hipbones which one seems lower or more dropped? If you think about the pelvis as a bowl of water , you want to notice which side ( left or right) the bowl is tipping towards ( which side the water is spilling out to) and that will be the heavier side of the pelvis. I am not sure what you mean by heftier side. Thanks Jen
On: November 28, 2015 13:20 PM
Hi Mary, I had Casey also read your question and description and we noticed on your first post you said your left side was unweighted and in your next post you said it was heavier? We are thinking maybe you have some major lateral deviations in your spine and it is hard to feel exactly where you are? Maybe you should try to send us a video of you doing footwork on the reformer? Love Jen
On: November 29, 2015 13:59 PM
Hi Jen Can be tricky to follow these ... and the semantics etc. I don't know where/if I would say the left was 'unweighted' - BUT when I do what you suggest above, I'd say the pelvic bowl is well tipped to the right (which I easily twist toward when standing too) - and that leg wants to rotate out. BUT that right hip/butt/glute also seems small and very tight. When I HAVE tried a lift or support under it before, seems the body adjusts around it ... and then I'm even MORE to that side, when I remove it. So I've tried both sides ... and all. :) The left side (by heavy or hefty) I meant, is more muscle-y and substantial, but not functioning well - definitely more sore and having more trouble re using those muscles ... to lift the leg, to walk, etc etc - affecting all. So many things may have become involved over time (like a foot injury and the tailbone or SI out of place/knob on that left ...... I mainly tried to make them match a bit better - because nothing seemed 'more right'. Though there ARE clues. I'm still hoping there might be a key spot to work on or from/first - or that 'linchpin', many seem to speak of these days ... cause I really need an edge in this. But - I dunno. BTW - I don't know if it makes sense in this - but it is my LEFT hip that seems higher when standing - and that left knee that's higher when lying, or sitting. Thanks ... Mary - :/
On: November 29, 2015 17:13 PM
Hi Mary, It is beginning to be clear now! Please keep propping that right hip when you are supine. The consistency of doing this is going to help you a lot. You may have to work that way for a long time before you are able to not work with the propping. The propping will finally give your body a sense of true center and then the muscles will balance and that left leg will finally get a sense of movement and will hopefully strengthen and feel more connected.Now that we are on the same page on the heavier side etc, it makes perfect sense that your left hip seems higher when standing and when you are supine that the left side is up and the left knee is higher. Unfortunately, there is not one cue or exercise that will suddenly fix things. The propping of the right side in exercises like Footwork will go a long way but there are endless things you can keep exploring to balance. You need to get another teacher's eye on you. That would be so , so good for you. I also recommend our online apprentice program. Either the Mat apprentice or the Reformer apprentice. You will get all sorts of ideas about propping and creating easier movement. During the program you also have 2 or 3 times where you send us videos and we have a phone meeting afterwards. We could use part of that time to look at how you are moving and help you with all of these questions. It is hard to give you something really on target without seeing how you move. Also, be on the look out for the next Pilates Show. There will be more exercises on the reformer that will really speak to you. Please let me know how you progress and if you need anything else. Love Jen
On: November 30, 2015 16:24 PM
Thanks tons Jen - for your insights. I seem to be busy with so much now, it's tough to even get to the pilates machine as much as I'd prefer. But it's more clear what I need to try there. (I actually don't even do videos, nor use a cell phone - so that approach is less workable.) BUT I AM wondering too what of propping or supplementing that right side also - while sleeping - and/or while doing other easygoing floor work? (I also have a relatively new suspension strap system (called 'the human trainer') with rings and handles etc (for hands or legs) that I can use from the floor .. which I'm trying to get reacquainted with ... the floor/I mean.) :) I'll certainly keep an eye on your site and posts. I AM pretty slow-moving at this though. It DID take awhile too - to get this 'twisty'. I was also wondering - are all these posts of ours in a public sort of forum (I really can't tell, but assume so). And could I also message you right ON the FB FUSION page via a personal message - if need be ? ... many thanks ... Mary
On: November 30, 2015 17:36 PM
Hi Mary, I totally understand. I am not drawn to the computer or the phone but have made peace with both and with great results! I am here for you on this forum or you can sign up for a live apprenticeship at our home studio in Asheville, NC. We have many people that come from out of town for 2, 3 ,4 or 5 day live apprenticeships with us. We would love to have you. Glad you are having some insights and places to explore. Love Jen
Lisa Longworth
On: December 08, 2016 10:35 AM
This sounds like a new client who first came into the studio a few weeks ago. Visually, the right side of his body frame appears smaller than his left. I've observed that his right leg and right arm have a shorter reach. He's from out of town so my work with him in the studio has been limited. I will see him at the end of the month and thought I would focus on some mat work he can practice at home. I'm going to address breathing, pelvic and postural awareness, hip and side-body release work as well as some fascial release work. Would you be able to suggest anything else I could incorporate? He's an ex-Navy SEAL so I can only imagine what his body has endured. He's now 54, in great physical condition, but very tight and is experiencing some pain, mostly in his upper mid-back in the shoulder blade area. The residual pain is going into the base of his skull and causing him occasional headaches. I'm thinking that his military posture is at play here. Thanks for any input you may have.
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