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On: October 01, 2015 17:52 PM
Hi Ladies, Love your website and the information that you provide to broaden our scope of learning and teaching! I have a question about headaches after lying prone. This happens to me, as well as a few of my students. It only seems to happen on the long box, ladder barrel and small barrel. It does not happen prone on the mat. I always tell my students to come up slowly after lying prone. Do you know why this happens? Are we pressing on a nerve? Any suggestions on ways to help alleviate that? Thanks for all you do! Best, Bonnie Lafave
On: October 10, 2015 10:29 AM
Hi Bonnie, Great to hear from you. It seems the problem is having the head hang forward and unsupported. There could be a number of different reasons that the headaches are happening in this position. So first, if any of you folks have high blood pressure you want to avoid this free fall of the head forward. So figure out how to support it with props in the various positions. Other typical reasons could be low blood sugar, dehydration and sinus problems. When this happens with one of our clients I first check out the above reasons and when those are ruled out it is usually because of a spinal misalignment and a forward head posture. So many of us have adopted this forward head posture and therefore dysfunctional spinal curvature. This leads to immobility, gripping and less ability to do things like bending forward and releasing our head with ease. With this scenario you must find ways to support the forward bend and make sure that the head feels like it can rest with ease. You will have to be creative if you want to use all your equipment. In Pulling Straps, for example, instead of them dropping the head over the box at the end of the sequence, have them come into child's pose on the box and put a pillow under their forehead so that the head is aligned with the neck OR have them step off and rest the forehead and bottom of the arm bone and elbow ( with hands in prayer position and fingertips facing to the ceiling) on the edge of the box. This propping will help to hold the headaches at bay but you must address the forward head posture with release work and vertical exercises to help them create a new normal. Keep writing in! We love to hear from you. Jen
On: October 10, 2015 15:11 PM
Thank you for all your detailed suggestions Jen! Will give these a try.
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