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On: March 05, 2014 18:01 PM
Hello Fellow Trainees and Casey! First of all, I had such an amazing weekend with you all and learned so much from each and every one of you. You all bring something unique to the Pilates world and I'm thrilled to be going on this journey with you all! This weekend was inspiring and energizing, and I can't thank Casey enough for her knowledge and passion... you are truly an inspiration. In Angelo's email, he suggested posting in this forum as a way to chat about the training. I think this is a fabulous idea because I would love to have a place that we can bounce questions, thoughts and ideas off each other. So after having a few days to process all the info swimming in my head, I'm hoping you can help me with these few questions! 1. For the Mat Personal Sessions that we need to record for the log, can this include any sessions we do by ourselves? Or does it always have to be in a mat class with others? 2. For the Roll Up, is there any advantage to using an Overball between the knees (in the bent knee position) or the upper inner thighs to keep the core activated throughout the movement? 3. For Single Leg Circles, can you use green spiky balls under the hips in order create awareness of stability in the pelvis? (I know we used the spiky balls under the hips in one of the exercises, so I apologize if I'm not remembering if this was the one!) I noticed that my pelvis tends to tilt towards the side of the raised leg, and the spiky balls help me keep them level. I realize this would require more propping of pillows, blankets, towels, etc. to compensate for the raise in hip height. On a side note, I took my first mat class today since the training and went into it with a new level of awareness of my own body... it was pretty amazing to experience this class through new eyes based on everything we learned! I'm really looking forward to seeing you all again at the end of the month! But until then, I hope we can continue this thread with lots of ideas and questions.... because I know I will have many more! Cailin
On: March 08, 2014 05:19 AM
Hi there Cailin! I had such a wonderful time in Charlotte with you all! And I am so happy you jumped on the forum to ask questions, and share ideas! So let dive in to the questions at hand... 1.) The mat personal sessions are to get the work into your body. So that means any work you do individually as well as when you take class counts towards your required hours. You will notice in your apprentice program that we give you key topics to focus on while doing this so that is becomes a very rich learning experience. 2.) An Overball between the inner thighs on full Roll Up tends to be cumbersome and typically blocks the natural bone rhythms required between the femur and the pelvis. But using a ball between the upper inner thigh in the half roll back can be brilliant! Just make sure that the ball is there to help facilitate the femur "slurp" and doesn't create rigidity around the pubic bone that will disrupt the movement. 3.) Yes! This is where we used the green spiky balls under the gluteus to create an extra sensory experience to better understand the movement principle of limbo pelvic stability. I am happy you are experiencing what this awareness give to you in this exercise! I am happy to hear that you are finding such richness in the work after Mat 1! Lets keep that going!!! Much Love, Casey
On: March 12, 2014 17:58 PM
Thanks, Casey, for responding so quickly! That's great about the mat personal sessions since I often practice on my own first thing in the mornings. But I've also been attending some new mat classes, which have been amazing learning tools! As for the full Roll Up with the Overball, that makes complete sense. I plan to give it a try with the half roll back as you suggested. Loving that femur slurp :) For single leg circles, the green spiky balls under the gluteus have really helped me with the lumbo-pelvic stability like you mentioned, and I'm sure clients will benefit from this as well. And I've been using the balls for release work too... so nice! Have you been able to put the workshop online for release work yet? I just did a quick search for it but didn't find anything. Looking forward to that! In a session with Julie today, we dug deeper into some of the Mat 1 exercises that I still had some questions about. It was wonderful to work through them. She also showed me a Teaser 'prep' movement that is done with a partner (I know this is more relevant for Mat 2), which provided added stability to focus on proper core engagement/C-curve. I thought the partner work would be a nice addition to a mat class, something I haven't experienced in any that I've taken (although I have done this often in yoga classes). What are your thoughts on this? Thanks again! Cailin
On: March 14, 2014 04:58 AM
Hi there! I am so happy to hear that you are diving into the work, and enjoying the depth and richness that emerges when really working from the ground up in every exercise! Bravo my dear! I am also EXTREMELY happy to hear that you are seeking out really excellent instruction to further your knowledge and experience within the exercises. Those hours count too! As for partner work in class, it can be hit or miss. I usually like to warn people or post that before hand so they can bring someone who they are comfortable with. Not everyone likes to be touched by a perfect stranger so you need to be aware of this. The hand hold that Julie did on you is in the mat 2 repertoire, and is a teacher assist. So typically I go around to every client and do this technique so they can better understand what is required of them inside the exercise. Then they experiment on their own after. This also keeps everyone safe so no injuries happen due to negligence or happenstance on a partner's behalf. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see you in a few weeks! The release workshop will be launching in a matter of days! Much Love, Casey
On: April 09, 2014 18:28 PM
Hi! I have a specific question about liability insurance. As I start to take on more clients and plan to start teaching a full mat class soon, I realize that I don't have personal liability insurance yet. Is this something you suggest we purchase ASAP? I can't recall if we discussed this in training. I've read the separate thread on insurance that list some good options, so I'm glad to have that as a resource. I'm assuming the answer to my question is going to be yes!, but wasn't sure if others in training have already purchased it and if I should get on the bandwagon? Thanks as always! Cailin
On: April 10, 2014 12:02 PM
Hi Cailin, For your own safety and peace of mind you should definitely set up liability insurance asap if you're taking clients (or really - even when teaching friends and family.) If someone gets hurt - you could be held personally liable - and while there's such a low chance of that happening - you'd want to be protected if it did. For what it costs - it's definitely worth it!
On: April 10, 2014 17:35 PM
Thanks Angelo! That's pretty much what I figured, but thanks for confirming!
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