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On: June 28, 2013 08:59 AM
Most of my clients are in the elderly population. How can I translate the Pilates concepts even if they can't do some of the traditional exercises?
On: June 30, 2013 17:16 PM
This is a wonderful question! The movement principles behind the Pilates repertoire are essential to maintaining health and vitality into our later years. And there is no reason that the elderly population can't benefit from what Pilates has to offer. Yes of course there is going to be some modifying to make the movements work, but that is what we do as teachers, get creative! Many elderly clients will have a hard time up and down off the floor but many concepts like breath practice, core activation, and spinal articulation can easily be done from a chair. Gentle, easy stretching can be done standing or seated, as well as with the use of a thera band. All of your attention to detail with how you train and teach your younger clients will work with your clients the are older. Just be careful for osteoporosis, knee, and hip replacements, etc. Also, and type of balance training would be wonderful to prevent falls! Anyone, at any age can improve how they move through space. Get their health history, and any contraindications, to keep your clients safe. From there, just go to the most basic movements and cue with attention to detail. It will be a rich experience for all parties involved! Thanks! Casey
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