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On: June 21, 2014 20:52 PM
Hi Jen & Casey! I have been practicing and studying almost everyday since returning home from Mat 1 the beginning of June. I noticed I was still having trouble with some moves especially abdominal work. I felt like I could not get a deep enough lateral breath to properly engage. So I did go to my mentor with this situation and immediately she thought she knew what is could be. So she did all the tests for diastasis and sure enough I have it, about 1 1/2 finger tip. That may not sound too bad but it is hard for me to properly perform some moves. I would like to be able to demonstrate most moves for clients if needed. So my questions are....... Is it too late to try and repair this?...(reminder, my kids are 11, 10, 7) What exercises can I be doing to strengthen my core and not make this any worse ? Any and all advice appreciated! Looking forward to coming back into the studio for Mat 2!! Blessings! Emily W.
On: June 22, 2014 14:16 PM
Hi there Emily! This is a really important question! Yes, you can absolutely teach your body to bring the two rectus halves together no matter how long ago your pregnancy was. It is even more important for you to activate your inner unit as this will help retrain the abdominal wall into better function. First, no more an curls until you can effectively fire you core muscles in a neutral pelvis and spine. Until you can do this in every movement and with endurance, the ab curls will have to wait. Do all of the foundational Pilates core activation exercises. Also a good deal of release work around your obliques, side of torso, and spine will help to decrease the pull of tension on the rectus. Work your transverse ab connection diligently and you will be successful. Also, Jen has put out some wonderful and comprehensive DVDs on how to help with diastasis recovery. Check them out in our store. Hope this helps get you started! Let us know if any other questions arise! Many Blessings, Casey Marie Herdt
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