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On: November 19, 2013 05:18 AM
Katerina a client of mine age 34 after having two births within 2 years she has noticed weak abdominal and loose skin. She did the test and went to her doctor and she is having diastasis of 4 fingers around the belly button area. Katerina started Pilates with me, mostly group classes April 2013 and has been exercising regularly twice a week. She is swayback and is easy for her to do exercises such as the roll up. She can feel her abdominal only when she does curl ups lifting the upper body such as single leg stretch, double leg stretch or teaser if guided well to avoid early pelvic tilt. In general the sensation in her abs is very little. She read that if she has diastasis the problem will worsen if she does ab exercises and currently she stopped her routine to do a few exercises with a specialist such as breathing out whilst pulling stomach in and counting until 10. Is there any advice you can give her?
On: November 19, 2013 05:55 AM
Hi No Ab crunches is first and foremost. The client has to be Core trained (brain/breath connection) and then she can start to layer on Core strengthening and then Global strengthening exercises. But for now No Ab crunches. Since the rectus only becomes the "deeper " structure below the umbilical, first the TA ( transverse abdomens , one of the " spine huggers") and Multifidus should engage with the Pelvic floor. When this works (10 repetitions of long inhale and exhale) without disengagement, then work the posterior psoas ( leg levitations) When above is successful, then very low (shallow) curls. From the beginning (with the core training and connecting the brain/breath energy to the body) the client can use a scarf/ splint around the ribcage ( below the breasts) to bring the 2 halves together as they engage with the breath. Hope this helps! ~Jen
On: October 20, 2015 07:24 AM
Hi Jennifer, In several workshop videos you use a "Pilates support scarf" v.s. a stretchy band to facilitate breathing exercises. Where is it possible to buy this type of scarf? I do not see them offered on your website. Thanks much!
On: October 20, 2015 14:05 PM
Hi Alesia, Thanks for asking about this scarf. I have several of these in the studio that are handmade ( NC cotton ). I wanted something with a bit of give but still stiff. This works so much better than the stretchy bands. With this type of scarf ( or sometimes when I'm traveling I use a bath towel!) the body becomes the stretchy band. I can have one of these made for you. It would be 55$ plus shipping. Let me know. I love it because of the material and it is super long. Check out some of the bath towel stretches I have in the Pilates show mondays. Love Jen
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