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On: December 04, 2017 08:24 AM
While I understand that queuing is an artform - what lands well on one person will not make any sense to another - when I'm working on learning I NEED alignment points that: 1.) Use anatomical terms [to a lesser (i.e. greater trochanter ) or greater (i.e. proximal end of femur bone) degree of detail] 2.) Lays out protocols of bones relative to one another (vs. relative to the floor or space in front of one's body, for instance) So, in Marie Jose's Core Training as a Pre Pilates approach (which is fantastic and totally relevant to everyone especially the baby boomer generation who I work with primarily) there are things I just don't understand fully enough. For instance: [B]Elbow points forward[/B] (What do you mean by elbow? Forward of what?) [B]Backside of the armpit faces forward [/B](Please explain in anatomical terms) [B]Posterior Rotation in the collarbone[/B] • [B]Shoulder Blades ABDucted[/B] (Does this assume that when the collarbones rotate posteriorly the scapula bones naturally ABDuct?)
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