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On: April 28, 2015 11:34 AM
In the Refresher Reformer Course Session 6 Week 2: Core Activation, Casey cues pulling up the arch of the knee starting from the arch of the foot. I think I understand the other arches/ domes of the body, but I do not understand what is meant by the arch of the knee. Is this largely about engaging the vasti and lifting the patella? Also, what do you recommend for clients who have discomfort bending their knees?( One of the best exercises I have found is to attach cadillac leg springs just above the knee when doing footwork on the reformer.) Thanks much!
On: April 29, 2015 06:16 AM
Hi there Alesia! Great Questions! Ok so the "arch" of the knee I am talking about is the distal end of the femur that sits on top of the tib/fib. By accessing this area, and cueing this dome looking part of the leg, the activation will be much deeper into the pelvic floor continuing on up the chain. This does cause some activation of the vasti, and hence pulls the patella upward. But this cue moves much deeper into the levator ani group of muscles. This is much like cueing the slurping of the upper inner thighs, but from a more distal aspect of the body! If you only cue the patella, you will miss this deep activation. For my clients with knee discomfort, I do a tremendous amount of lateral hip release work. This is because the hip joint is much larger than the knee, and its musculature is bigger and often rigid. This can make it impossible for the knee to function properly. Then I hit up the foot, ankle, and lower leg so the the natural bone rhythms can re roost, and harmony can be created for the knee. I love the supported footwork you are talking about above! And I would do that after the release work! If you have any questions about how to release the leg, go ahead and check out my practical release workshop... it contains TONS of information to help your clients out with all sorts of biomechanical mishaps! Thank you so much Alesia! Keep the questions coming! Much Love, Casey Marie
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