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On: June 01, 2016 08:31 AM
I love the post where the hands were put on top of the head instead of behind for the ab curl. It really helps with finding length especially on the descent. Would it work to do the same thing for crisscross?
On: June 01, 2016 15:44 PM
Hi Eva - please let us know which post you're looking at. Thanks!
On: June 02, 2016 04:04 AM
The post was use your head
On: June 02, 2016 15:26 PM
Hi Eva! Oh my goodness yes this would be fabulous for an advanced challenge! I bet you anything this would make our clients slow down as they lengthen through every inch of the exercise... Amazing idea! Much Love, Casey Marie
On: June 02, 2016 18:39 PM
Thanks Casey! I love this and I'm so excited about it.
On: June 06, 2016 12:57 PM
Let me know how it goes, and your client's feedback/reaction... I will do the same! Much Love, Casey Marie
On: June 08, 2016 08:12 AM
They are loving it! No more pulling on the neck and now they are finding beautiful length Thank you so much for this wonderful variation. Can't wait for the next post! Eva
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