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On: February 27, 2014 08:09 AM
Casey and Jen I have really enjoyed the one on one feedback from the apprenticeship thus far. Thanks for your time. It has been a thorough , and therefore, deep experience of the work, that definitely feels like I'm learning quickly even though I am taking my time and digesting as much as possible! Funny how that plays out. My question today is about building an appropriate base to work from in training and workshops... I know you have an artistic background in addition to your Pilates training , so you know what I mean when I express the desire for good building blocks of knowledge. My example is this: Im debating an investment in an opportunity to do an in-studio apprentice long weekend. (if that is something thats possible to schedule, I think so, but I'm not seeing those on the website) verses a more specific and advanced workshop (Mari-Jose: scoliosis). My specific interest in Pilates grew from my own scoliosis which has been relieved (not straightened but intensely relieved) My goals are to still progress in a base knowledge of the Repertoire and nurture a knowledge of therapeutic interest, specifically in scoliosis. I realize this is very specific to me, however I'm posting because I bet everyone has been in this position. The way you go about structuring and investing in your Professional knowledge through workshops ect is something to map out with intentionality. It depends on the ability to invest, of course, but the "how to decide what your ready for?" seems to be an over arching theme as a beginning instructor. Its all based on the individual, I can get on board with that. But what would you and Jen say? Or do you have an example of a time in building your career you wouldn't mind using as an example? Thanks for time and your work. Laura Bohon
On: February 28, 2014 14:54 PM
Hi there Laura! This is always the dilemma when deciding on continuing education. You are now seeing how your first training is just the tip of the iceberg and that there is always something new to learn and experience. I love how thoughtful you are being about choosing which avenue to explore next. And this is how I would look at this specific subject... When choosing your next avenue of exploration it is important to think not only about what is interesting to you, but very importantly, what is it that your client base really needs from your teaching. As a new teacher building a clientele can prove difficult at times, so this means that every continuing education choice needs to count. This is the fiscally responsible decision as well because you have to have a return on investment at some point when you are balancing your books. That being said, if you have a large clientele base that has scoliosis, then that is the choice to make. You can serve them, and have a deeper understanding for yourself. Now, if most of your clients have more general issues like back pain, weakness, or a lack of core control it would be great to do the in studio apprenticeship as it will illuminate how well seasoned teachers deal, adapt, and serve the broad range of issues that walk into the studio on a daily basis. And remember, you will continually have opportunity to do both scenarios on your journey of being a teacher. I promise you will not "miss out" because you choose one over the other. Keep your focus on where you are truly at in your understanding of the work, and look at your ability to convert the information given into an applicable form to your clients. I hope this helps you out! Take care! Much Love, Casey
On: March 02, 2014 05:28 AM
Thanks Casey! Helpful words to keep my mind in the present. Client base is my first commitment truly especially If I want to keep doing the work!! :) I'd like to do the in studio package1 , looks super detailed and appropriate for where I'm at! Laura
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