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On: March 08, 2018 07:41 AM
It's a real challenge to implement exercises optimally with clients who are much larger and much less self-aware and who have significant postural alignment issues. Any thoughts on dealing with people who's bones are virtually impossible to access in this way? Especially ASIS and TA when seated.
On: March 08, 2018 10:16 AM
Working with the bigger bodied client is indeed more challenging ,no doubt . This is where the “trained eye “ has the advantage .Learning to see ,developing your eye for detail and reveal takes time and a lot of practice . Don’t worry ! That is not helping you now so here are some tips : Larger bodies tend to “sit low “ or sink into their bodies .The feel for lift is just not there yet. Always set them up with the hips [B]slightly [/B]higher then the knees . [B]Do have [/B]the feet supported . [B]Make sure [/B]that the upper sternum [B]vertically aligns [/B]with their pubic bone ( they may touch their own pubic bone to remember this landmark) . [B]Now ask for lift [/B]of the spine in the front and back of the spine . [B]Cue [/B]“ increase the space /distance between these two landmarks “ hold this new length for [B]3 [/B]breath cycles . [B]Progress [/B]to 4...5...6...7...8. This in itself is core activation ,creates inner space , creates more height for [B]you [/B]to better see what they are doing . [B]For the Body : feeling is knowing which leads to cognitive learning [/B]( from the client’s perspective ) . For the larger body it is more challenging in the beginning to [B]feel .[/B] When that feeling develops just even on a small scale ,progress is made on many levels . [B][I]To recap : create space ,length,height and ......breathe! Warmly,Marie-josé. [/I][/B]
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