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On: January 18, 2014 13:27 PM
Casey and Jen , I have been eating up the contrast and flow section of the Mat apprenticeship. Its a challenging feat to bring into the work a way of moving that is true to Pilates and the sense of contrast and flow that the body loves, meanwhile appropriately modifying and creating a class routine or private session that will be suitable for bringing awareness and harnessing a new sense of flow for the clients . Im digging into the PMA certification book and the BB MAT1/2 provided orders, as a way of utilizing all the complied image order or the classical repertoire , hoping to create a sense of strong connectivity through the exercises on a whole, and then finding my way around this sense of flow to create new small and more modified routine options for a class. (Not utilizing the less resourceful exercises that will rarely be useful for clients) What else can I take apart and piece together? Im realizing I love the details and the body, and love starting up beginners helping them really get in sync with their breathing, alignment, and getting into releasing work , before they jump off into the bigger movements. - So the contrast and flow is a challenge for me to write up and offer them. Im pushing myself to teach it and practice it. but its definitely a good challenge for me... Thank you for the inspiring short flow sequences. I'd love to know your suggestions for growth in this area. My gut reaction is , practice,(doing) practice(feeling), practice(saying). Thanks so much. Laura
On: January 20, 2014 08:24 AM
Hi Laura, We are thrilled with how much you are getting out of the program. Your questions and the Ah Ha moments that you are experiencing are great. First, I think your last sentence says it all...Yes, this is what you should be doing for a long time...Doing, feeling and then practice cueing that doing and feeling to other bodies! The Contrast and Flow is not only a hard cross over for the client but extremely difficult for the teacher to translate and teach. The work is a progression and this more fluid, faster paced movement needs to be introduced a spoonful at a time . All that has come before informs the quality and intent of this more rhythmical flow movement and it will take some time for both the client and teacher to integrate it fully. I think your game plan of looking at the BB manual exercises and the Classical exercises in the PMA manual and then thinking of how to break them down in easier parts and skill sets is the way to go. And then trying to challenge the client in small bits by connecting some of the movements and letting them flow from one exercise into another. You also have to remember that we are not looking for perfection because we will never have it. And that movement is healing. We cannot micro manage every little movement our clients make because it is not good for them and it takes all the fun out of moving. So in a safe way allow your clients to move through things and to feel their bodies as more of a organic being ( which we are!) and less of a machine or robot. This will create vitality and zest for life which was what Mr Pilates was after in the first place. I think the 2 articles in the Contrast and Flow are really good ones to review. Skill Build to Rocking and Finding a Through Line. There are some great progression and teaching tips in them. Keep the questions coming! We are very proud of you Love, Jen
On: January 21, 2014 23:38 PM
Where Can I find these 2 articles pls?
On: January 22, 2014 07:53 AM
Hi Monica, These are located in the Contrast and Flow section of the Mat Apprentice Program. I see that you went through the Mat Refresher program awhile back - the same information is located there. Your access has expired, but I reinstated your access until 2/1 so that you can review the information if you'd like. Hope this helps!
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