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On: July 19, 2012 21:34 PM
Is there value in the repetition of the classical sequence? It seems that everyone is getting very creative with Pilates exercises and a lot of teachers never teach the original sequence.
On: July 23, 2012 21:30 PM
The short answer is yes! There is a reason why Pilates is popular the world over, and it is because the repertoire works. With that being said, The more contemporary work that you are seeing in many studios is because there is high demand for specialized, custom built private and group sessions. There have been leaps and bounds in exercise science since Joseph Pilates pioneered the program, and the newer work reflects this expansion of this knowledge. As a teacher it is important to be able to speak to and challenge any person who walks in your door. Some days that means doing a full intermediate reformer workout. Other times that may mean helping to rehab a knee injury on the cadillac. The more tools you have in your belt, the better equipped you will be to serve the public. The history and tradition of the Pilates repertoire is a wonderful system of increasing strength, stamina, and overall body balance. And with the science driven contemporary work, all bodies from all walks of life will continue to benefit from this wonderful movement system.
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