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On: December 10, 2015 08:40 AM
Hi! I have a new client with advanced cervical degenerative disc disease, and due to this her neck and shoulder area is always very sore. She says she walks everyday and does Cardio dance classes twice per week. Her goal is to lose weight and add muscle. She started out in my mat class that usually has 8-10 students, and I talked with her about coming in for private sessions and she has twice so far. She is extremely frustrated by the disc disease because she feels so limited in what she can do. And I don't think she will continue the private sessions because of the cost. She wants some ideas to continue to work on at home. I originally did work with the SmartSpine protocol (sling attached to springs at top of table) which did help to create more space and length, and had her perform leg slides, toe taps, etc. from this place. I also did the head "egg rolling" with the SmartSpine. Both really seemed to work well (yay for MJ!). Could you offer some additional guidance on this situation? Thank you!! Cailin
On: December 14, 2015 13:26 PM
Hi Cailin! This is a tough scenario because as well all know, there is no "magic bullet" that is going to help her correct this issue. And BRAVO on getting her to come in for SmartSpine privates as the combo of heat and traction is fabulous for her. I am surprised that she is choosing to not come in as it helped her. Maybe see if she is willing to do 30 minute privates with you instead of her group mat class? The reason I say this is because traditional mat classes can be rather hard on the neck, and isn't the best choice considering her pain and movement threshold. But it also sounds like she pushes herself, which is quite literally could be giving her a pain in the neck! Try some pec release with her, as well as some head and neck openings on the overball from the apprentice program that you took online. The dracula head float work to get her deep neck flexors online with anchoring the back of the head would be great too! And work her multifidi from the sacrum to the scull! That being said, as you well know the best thing for her would to be to work with you on a private basis. And remember that this isn't just a neck issue... the compensatory patterning that is keeping her here runs deep and throughout her body. In mat class I would not bring her into ab curl as this could upset this neck issue even more. Let me know how this goes! Lots of Love, Casey Marie
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