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On: June 07, 2014 03:44 AM
Hi Jen, Have you found a way to clean the SmartSpine™ products? I have a "sleeve" over the SmartSpine, but I was wondering about the Wedge, Cervical disc etc... Thanks, Amy
On: June 08, 2014 08:12 AM
Hi Amy, SmartSpine™ doesn't have any recommendations on cleaning - in fact they advice not to launder our dry clean: I spilled a bit of paint on a cervical disc when I was doing some upkeep at the studio and tried to clean it and completely ruined it (um, don't tell!) . We do 'clean' them occasionally by putting the lightest mist of the water/tea tree oil that we use on our vinyl on the equipment - on a clean towel and just wipe them down. But they advise not to get the products wet at all - so we take it very easy... We'll put the word out to MJ to see if she has any other suggestions too.
On: June 08, 2014 16:29 PM
Hi Amy, Great news! There are now covers for all the SmartSpine products. Yea! They should be up on our site soon to order. We will let you know. Love Jen
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