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On: August 02, 2017 08:32 AM
Hi Jennifer, In your last post re: belly breath and scalenes , are you referencing the fascial coverings when you use the word "sacs"? Also, when your client begins to demo the exercise with the ring, is she still belly breathing? Thank you, Amy
On: August 09, 2017 14:06 PM
Hi Amy, It is great to hear from you! Yes, I am referencing the fascial connections by using the word baggies. It is simplifying it a great deal. The point is that all of these structures have shared tissue and they are very connected. When the client begins the Circle work she is focused on opening the back body and back of the Diaphragm. She was still using the Belly Breath. You could also use it with the Lateral RibCage breath with this sequence to challenge the client. This combined work will help to unleash the diaphragm and therefore free the scalenes. Love Jen
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