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On: December 13, 2016 09:08 AM
Hi Joy, I am very moved by this workshop! I deeply appreciate your work! Now I have an idea how to work with Post Breast Cancer Clients. I alway thought that this would be only an issue for physical therapy and clinical staff. But having gained knowledge about fascia within the last years, it makes so much sense to look at possibilities in that area. I have friends who went through a Breast Cancer Illness and I would love to help ease pain und the feeling of discomfort within their body. I will try to get deeper into this topic and take steps to offer sessions in my studio. Thank you for the wonderful manual! I have written into it during the workshop and it is great to really get a more thorough understanding. If you consider giving a live- workshop on this, please let me know,- I would even fly overseas! And thank you fusion-people! For this I praise the internet!! Love, Silke
On: December 21, 2016 15:27 PM
Hello Silke, Thank you for your lovely words. This workshop has been a process and has grown out of the love and respect I have for all of those I have worked with. I do think that the more we understand fascia, its gliding and movement qualities the better able we are to understand how surgical procedures, medications and radiation will effect the body's ability to heal and move dynamically. This understanding will ultimately help us to make appropriate movement choices. I will post any future trainings that I do. I am currently working on a manual for teachers and a book/resource for women post diagnosis. I anticipate sometime in 2018 to launch a more formal program and I will certainly let you know. All the best.
On: September 14, 2017 20:44 PM
Hello Joy, I appreciate the work you did putting all these together and give ideas to explore. Especially the medical side as few cancer survivors are willing to discuss it not to mention chemo experience,even with friends...When it comes to neuropathy, Ron Fletcher work with hands-1 finger at a time, wrists rolls etc. have a new meaning to me...I wonder would you take clients on small barrel with some of the exercises for thoracis release, if not at the beginning then at later stage when tissues are more healed,so when they lean against the barrel(though it can be softened by pillows or mats),sidewise,for example, the down side would feel ok.One more thing, have you had experience with working with throat cancer patients? survivors, post chemo....As in some situations, there's a general muscle wasting , nutrition issues - inability to gain weight, weakness,which affect choice of exercise, when they are willing or trying to get back to what they have done pre-cancer experience....And it may never be the same Pilates...
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