Fascial Tensioning & Lengthening in Pregnancy Workshop is LIVE!


FlashImageWe’re proud to announce the launch of our first Pre & Post Natal online workshop, Fascial Tensioning & Lengthening in Pregnancy! Please take advantage of the special intro price of only $19 using the promo code FascialPregSpecial at checkout.

By using all the Pilates apparatus, in combination with the Sling system we will explore how to work smart and creatively to balance the myofascial system in our pre natal clients. Pregnancy is a crucial moment in life where great emphasis must be put on balanced tensioning, lengthening and lubrication of the fascial web. We will explore unwinding the pelvis from the feet and the legs and from the shoulder girdle and torso to create an easier pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery.

Check out this great two hour workshop with Jennifer Gianni now!

Use Promo Code FascialPregSpecial in checkout to get this workshop for only $19.00!

Price goes up July 19 – ACT NOW!

Fascial Tensioning & Lengthening in Pregnancy $39


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