Every Breath You Take by Elizabeth Larkam LAUNCHED! – Discounts today only!


New Online Pilates Workshop!

Helping your clients breathe more efficiently is not only a functional skill but a gateway to adaptive aging.

Learn techniques designed to calm the nervous system, create more mobility and awareness of the volume and movement of the rib cage, along with full-bodied exercises that interweave the full fascial, muscular, and skeletal systems in relation to breath.

This workshop uses minimal props – a ball, a mat, and a wall – to explore variations that build in complexity while mobilizing areas in the body that when locked can inhibit our capacity to breathe with fullness and ease. Because the resilience of the thoracic tissues decreases with age, the practice of breathing during Pilates is increasingly valuable.

Join the incomparable Elizabeth Larkam as she thoughtfully guides you through restorative exercises that will improve each and every breath you take!



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