Early Access to Your Nervous System WORK(s) by Chantill Lopez for Forever Members!


New Online Pilates Workshop!

This workshop will elevate your teaching in an entirely new way. You’ll discover why working the nervous system with your clients (and yourself!) is important, and what behavior change through movement can look like. Chantill Lopez teaches this workshop in an engaging and informative way; you can expect this time with Chantill to be part podcast, part workshop, part practice, and all process.

Chantill explores this nervous system work in three parts: Going Beyond Vagal Toning, Nervous System State Awareness, and Facilitating Behavior Change on Purpose. Join Chantill as she guides you towards a deeper understanding of your nervous system using movement, breath, sound, and moments of reflection – expounding the knowledge she shared in her previous Fusion workshop, Agitating Change.

If you’re ready to become intentional and deliberate in using the nervous system in your teaching, then this workshop is for you.



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