Early Access to Oscillation Rejuvenation by Elizabeth Larkam for Forever Members!


New Online Pilates Workshop!


Combining movement, breath, and flow, Elizabeth Larkam explores variations in supine, side-lying, prone, quadruped, and standing that are designed to release/re-educate habitual movement patterns.

Designed with those who are dealing with long-covid in mind, the exercises are low risk, high value and will open the chest, facilitate lung capacity, and down train the nervous system.

While this work was developed to help with issues related to long-covid symptoms, it is also incredibly useful and appropriate for all clients. The different positions and variations will invite an invigorating response either as a full workout, or a warm-up to more traditional Pilates sessions.

Learn how to add complexity without overwhelming to build more confidence and proprioception in clients who may not be able to resume their normal workout routine post-illness while also having new tools to create novel movement experiences for the most advanced mover.




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