By Lacy Fabian, PhD
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could identify our ideal Pilates clients? Imagine the regularity and the ease of the session! There are a few practices to increase your chances of attracting that ideal client.
1) What’s your Pilates style?
Part of knowing who you want to attract is knowing what makes you unique. Are you a disciplined type who likes consistency or more interested in including the latest takes on Pilates exercises? When you define your style you can brand yourself accordingly. This will help clients self identify toward you because your perspective resonates with them. You may wonder if you will lose some clients this way and the answer is that you may, but what you may lose in quantity you will gain in quality and repeat business.

2) Make your clients feel special.
If you have a client that’s great to work with let her or him know it. You may want to offer them a referral bonus–chances are their friends are like them and may be a great fit for you too. It’s also appropriate to include personal touches that reflect your Pilates style–you might send out birthday cards, give certain holiday gifts or feature local artists in your studio or playlist–anything that will help your ideal client feel more connected to you and your Pilates classes.

3) Know when to sever ties.
If you have a difficult client it may be because the fit for both of you isn’t quite right. The client who doesn’t seem to focus or take your cues seriously may need that disciplined instructor to keep them on their toes. Avoid letting a few clients create 90% of your angst and consider trying to refer them to a colleague who might be a better fit for them. This is an opportunity to network and engage with fellow Pilates teachers and help clients find their best Pilates venue. This type of community only contributes to the betterment of the profession.

As you work toward attracting your ideal client remember to stay flexible as it’s possible that your best fit will change over time as you gain experience and become increasingly aware of your own preferences. Get started writing out your vision of the ideal client now, so you’re all set to implement these practices in the new year.

Lacy Fabian is founder of Cupcake Pilates in Baltimore, MD. She is focused on helping people build routines into their lives to make daily fitness happen.

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