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In this episode, Casey explores some interesting anatomy…


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  1. Patti Jo510

    Thanks for this great Anatomy/Breathing Lesson.
    I’d LOVE to see more Anatomy Based Posts:-)
    Well Done!

  2. Casey

    Hi Patti! So happy to hear that you enjoyed this Pilates Show! And happy to hear you are enjoying more information on the beauty that is dynamic breath!

    Any ideas or requests for other areas of the body that you would love to hear more about???

    Casey Marie

  3. ginger

    Thanks! I learned something again! So informative!

    Here is a question for mail call.
    When standing and in “correct” posture, how do you recommend clients how to “release” or “not squeeze” the butt cheeks? We think we are not doing that, but 90% of people seem to do it automatically…

  4. Casey

    Ginger! YES THE AUTOMATIC TUSH GRIP! We will for sure address this on an upcoming episode… Stay tuned!

    Casey Marie

  5. cis537

    I am unable to play this video. Something about some of the video features not being supported by my player.

  6. Angelo

    Hi Cis – You mauy be having a browser or connection issue. We just tested the video and it’s working with no issues. The only thing you need is Flash Player – perhaps you need an update which you can get at:

    You might also try clearing your browser history and cache.

    All videos should work with any device.

    Let us know if you continue to have problems – for technical support please open a support ticket using the link above.

    Thank you!