Side body work is an important part of staying balanced, aligned, and strong. One of the hardest places to get into proper alignment in side lying is on the Reformer because of the restraints of the shoulder blocks, headrest, and footbar. The video below will show you how to prop the body in side lying on the Reformer with strategically placed pillows and towels for the individual client.

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  1. Amy Pace_771

    I so enjoyed this side work breakdown. Would this aid me in creating increased strength and flexibility in my hip flexors. I have decreased my range to avoid that dreaded popping sound and feeling but I do not know how to build that strength with such a small range of motion.

  2. Sarah_502

    What is the recommended spring tension for the side lying leg exercise demonstrated in the video?

  3. Casey

    Side footwork would be wonderful for building strength and range of motion through out the whole of the hip joint. But the popping sound might indicate that you might want to work on a bit of release work around the joint before jumping into this work full go. Remember that it is important to train the area and prep it for this movement before any strength work should be added on. The tension level of the spring greatly depends on the ability of the client. I believe we used a medium and light spring in combination here. Start on the lighter side, then add on little by little, looking for that just right spring load. Your clients should never sacrifice their torso and pelvic alignment for added springs!

    If you have any more questions, pop on over to the forum and we will be happy to answer them!